How To Find Your Passion

This is written for my YouTube Creators and other creatives, but these principles can also be applied to anyone wanting to figure out their passion.

Let me cut to the chase.

Is what you’re creating any good? Are you good at creating awesome content? Have you created awesome content?

Answer those questions truthfully and honestly.

Now I’m not having you do this self-reflection to get depressed in anyway, though it may happen, but what I hope will happen is that you’ll have a self-awareness of where you stand.

We all have goals, passions, and things we aspire to become. But you want to know the secret of how the people we admire or aspire to be like one day got to where they’re at?

They created good stuff! They created awesome stuff! They created quality stuff! They created (worked)!

Let me take a quick step back and breakdown a few principles we can all agree on.

Goals setting.

This is important right?

We set a goal to reach a higher level, score, or just be better.

You know what you need to do to accomplish that goal?

  1. Know where you stand.
  2. Make a plan.
  3. And….


You know what happens when you do that?

You get better!

In fact you get GOOD. So good people can’t ignore you.

You know what else happens when you put in the work?

You become passionate about your work.

If you’re passionate about something, get to work on developing those skills to be recognized for your passion.

If you don’t know what your passionate about, just get GOOD at something, and you’ll be doing the world more good, and you’ll become passionate about the good work you’re doing.

You won’t know what your passion is until you work, and become so good they can’t ignore you!

If you put too much focus on figuring out your passion or pursuing your passion and ignore what you’re really good at.

You’ll be miserable, because you’ll be hyper focused on why you haven’t found it. And not realize you have.

Let’s analyze the people we admire. How did they get there? Why do we like what they do? Why are they so good?

We’ve already answered these questions, but it’s because they put in the work, got really good at developing their skills, and got so good they couldn’t be ignored.

The overnight success comes to those who worked every other night, before that night, when the world couldn’t ignore them anymore.

We all want to be good at something, we want the freedom to create, and to make a living creating awesome stuff.

So get to work!

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