I remember meeting with Jared Mecham two years ago to talk to him about speaking at a UTuber Meet Up, thus becoming the first Vlogger to speak at a meet up.

While I was talking with him about the meet up, we got on the subject of daily vlogging and he said, it's not for everyone. He suggested make people want more and told me how when he started vlogging it was sporadic, then it was 3 vlogs a week, and finally it was daily! Once they went daily they blew up!!!!

Now there are vloggers and YouTube Marketers who recommend daily content! My homie Josh Dyches of the Dyches Fam is a huge proponent of daily vlogging, Derral Eves recommends his clients to create daily content and tells those who are interested in vlogging to do daily vlogs, and I've heard Jared now promote daily vlogs or daily content.


Well, because look at the creators who are successful at doing daily vlogs.

Ellie and Jared in their UTuber Meet Up presentation talked about their timeline of going into daily vlogs and quitting his job a few weeks after. They saw that they would make enough via their vlogs for him to focus full-time on vlogging. So Daily Vlogging is his job, he doesn't have an excuse for not vlogging daily right?

My homie Josh doesn't have a traditional job and his dream is to make a living as a YouTube Creator/Daily Vlogger and he's doing that.

So why do people promote daily vlogging? Well, I hear from Derral and Jared that it has to do with the YouTube Algorithm favoring daily content and that Vloggers do better with longer form content and watch time.

Forget the algorithm, there are so many ways to get around the daily uploads. Create AWESOME CONTENT! Optimize your content, collaborate with others, distribute your content, make it engaging, use media exposure, pay for ads to promote your content. If your plan is to one day make a living off your content then work towards that goal.

But let's think about something more important than daily vlogging let's think about our priorities.

I would say for most of us Family is a priority. If your daily vlogging is eating up your family time than STOP! Health is another priority for some of us and if daily vlogging is becoming the excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle where you're eating well, exercising, or the most important thing you can do for your body, sleeping than STOP! Paying bills is a priority right?  If daily vlogs are not paying your bills just STOP!

So when I say it's not for everyone it means you need to look at your circumstances and see if it's feasible. When I started daily vlogging I had a full-time job and that was it. Daily vlogging wasn't so bad, because once I left work I could focus on vlogging and my family.

My current circumstance is a little more intense and requires more from me. I work as a contractor at a video marketing agency, I have an online course to manage, another online course I'm creating, a creator bootcamp I'm creating, and 2-3 YouTube Channels I'm creating content for as well as an organization I manage known as UTuber Nation. Then let's add family responsibilities, church duties, and spending time with friends and I'm tapped out!

When people tell me they want to vlog and what advice I recommend for them I tell them if you're going to do daily be sure to allocate at least 4 hours of your life to your vlog. This is what that looks like.

  • Shooting your vlog: 1hr
  • Editing your vlog: 1-2hr
  • Optimizing your vlog: 1hr 
  • Distributing your vlog and managing other networks: 1hr

This is for someone who is fast and has systems in place that automates most of the process so not sure what it's like for someone who doesn't have this set up.

I use to have 4 hours in my day to dedicate to vlogging, but that's hasn't been the case for a few months now.


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